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About Us

The Shooting Academy is an organization which unites enthusiasts of practical shooting. The main goal of our organization is to develop, improve and propagate practical shooting in Lithuania. Practical shooting sport is one of the most popular and dynamic sports which consolidates hundreds of thousands professional shooters and amateurs all over the world.
The Shooting Academy invites everybody to shoot with real firearms and to feel practical shooting spirit. We can offer you shoot with firearms of different type and models. We will help you with advices and help you to choose firearms for self defense or sport. Instructors of the Shooting Academy will help you to improve firearm control and shooting skills, explain the basic rules of shooting safety and firearm handling.
Shooting is not only a good hobby but it is also the best way to spend your free time with friends, colleagues or family. We can help you to organize your company celebratory event, improvised competition or match. We can arrange a birthday party surprise for your friends and guests.
We welcome professional shooters, amateurs and everybody who like firearms and want to try shooting.

We Offer:

  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Competitions
  • Matches
  • Improvement of shooting skills
  • Shoot with WWII and modern firearms
  • Professional shooting instructors (can speak languages)
  • Shooting at open range (military polygon)
  • Different scenarios: training, selection, war games etc.