Baltic Open 2018



Organisation VšĮ Vilniaus šaudykla
Range Vilnius Shooting Range
Schedule 2018-06-09 Prematch: For Organizers, Sponsors and Range Officers ONLY
Registration 10:00 Start 11:00

2018-06-10 Main Match
Registration 9:00 Start 10:00

Stages 14
Rounds 247
Divisions Production, Standard, Open, Revolver, Classic
Categories All, depending to number of competitors
Squading Squading is available after accepting the payment
Starting fee Regular: EUR 60.-; Juniors: EUR 30.-;
After deadline or on the spot: EUR 80.-;
Prematch: EUR 90.-;
Team: EUR 5.-;
Arbitration: EUR 60.-
Account for  starting  fee Transfer in EUR:
AB “Swedbank”
IBAN: LT117300010151145743
Recipient: Vilniaus saudykla
Application  deadline 2018-06-01
Registration Registration will open on 2018.03.09 within MOS
Match  Director
Range  Master
Stats  Office
Laurius Veličko
Linas Karosas
Karolis Simutis
Further information
Mobile: +370 686 90608(lt, eng)
Mobile: +370 600 25036(lt, rus, pol, cez, slk)
Remarks Every equipment damaging shot gives a EUR 20.- fine.

Photo and Video: Šūvio Akademija reserves the right to use film and photographs on the club website and for documentation of the competition for distribution to participants. Each shooter authorizes the use of his/her film and photo material by participating in the competition.

Match ammunition

Šūvio akademija reloading 9×19, Bullets 147gr. Alsa Pro, PF :130-132 (Glock 17) 9.- €/50pc
Šūvio akademija reloading 9×19 (Open), Bullets 124gr. Alsa Pro PF :166-168 (Barrel Length: 5″) 10.- €/50pc
Šūvio akademija reloading .40SW Bullets LOS 180gr PF: 172 12.50 €/50pc
Šūvio akademija reloading .45ACP Bullets LOS 230gr PF: 175 12.50 €/50pc
Advance reservation needed by e-mail: deadline 2018-06-01


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